Instructor Training Workshop

Teach these amazing skills

Becoming an Accredited Instructor is a 3-step process:

  • Step 1 – Have first-hand knowledge and experience of either P.E.T. or Personal Effectiveness Program.
  • Step 2 – Successfully complete a Instructor Training Workshop I.T.W. (delivered as both a workshop or 1:1 training).
  • Step 3 – Teach a qualifying program to become Accredited.

Then you will be able to deliver two of the world’s most powerful & proven communications skills programs:

  • Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) teaches parents specific communication and conflict resolution skills to create and sustain effective and enduring relationships with their children in all circumstances.
  • Personal Effectiveness using Linda Adam’s ‘Be Your Best program’, teaches individuals how to become more effective, assertive and responsible for getting their needs met in their personal and professional lives. This powerful and transformative program can also be delivered in the workplace and other settings such as coaching, counselling, 1:1, schools etc.

Contact Judith Richardson to receive more information about becoming an Instructor.  Judith is a National Instructor Trainer for Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia Ltd. Click here to listen to Judith

‘I liked Judith’s style, compassion and clarity and abundant knowledge and wisdom’.    Tiffani Clingin

‘This training has improved my authenticity, confidence and direction in life.  Thank you for your gifted teaching Judith’.        Regina Sawyer

‘This training opens up a new view of the world and how to handle difficult situations.  I appreciated the opportunity to present modules and practise my skills before I lead my own group’.   Breda Kovarik