“This program teaches you how to become more effective and take responsibility in both your personal and professional life. In addition to the communication skills and conflict resolution methods taught, this course offers training in assertive skills, how to handle anxiety, and how to set goals for becoming more fulfilled.”
Linda Adams, President of Gordon Training International

“The Personal Empowerment Program was so impressive we added it to our Diploma in Holistic Counselling.  The skills are invaluable to our counselors in both their professional and personal settings.”
Brenda Sutherland, College Founder/Director

“This program is not a ‘talk-fest’, it is education for living that will fundamentally change your relationships forever.”
Janine Barker, Executive Coach.

“Active Listening was one of the most important skills that I got out of the course.  I now have much more honest and open relationships within the family and in my busy work.”
Jackie Lazzaro,  Human Services Manager

“The Personal Effectiveness Program has helped me so much with positive and authentic communication, not only in the workplace but in my personal life. I now have the courage to face awkward situations, where in the past I would have felt overwhelmed and avoided them.”
Jenny Tran, Teacher & Counsellor & Career Consultant

“I was completely dissatisfied with life when I started this training, blaming others for everything.  Oh my, I cannot tell you how my life has changed in such a good way since I did this training!”  Melody Harper