Personal Effectiveness Training:

  • Find your confidence in communication
  • Become a mature, assertive and sensitive communicator
  • Find balance and satisfaction in your life
  • Create safe and flourishing work environments
  • Build strong, meaningful relationships
  • Have your voice heard and respected


Personal Effectiveness training is no ‘talk-fest’, it is education for living that will fundamentally change your relationships and happiness forever.                                              Janine Barker, Executive Coach.

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Program Promises:

  • Unlearn bad communication habits that typically create roadblocks in your relationships.
  • Build interpersonal skills that will help you communicate effectively and respectfully.
  • Reduce the stress and struggle in your work and home life.
  • Learn how to say “No” without the guilt and obligation.
  • Skill up to handle anger and frustration in a healthy way.
  • Learn a problem solving model to navigate conflicts so neither party feels burned.
  • Find balance in the mental, emotional and physical elements of your life.
  • Arm yourself with tools to ease anxiety around confronting and daunting conversations.
  • Hone your empathy skills and learn how to connect to others with sensitivity and care.
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How is Personal Effectiveness delivered?

Online or in-person the course is facilitated by an experienced, authorised instructor of Effectiveness Training Australia and Gordon Training International, 1:1 or in a group.  If you have a group or workplace we can come to you… 

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 Can anyone benefit?

Of course! this training is literally for everyone looking to be more effective and have better relationships in their personal and professional worlds.

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