Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness is based on the ‘Gordon Model’ of communication which developed initially in the 80’s by Dr Thomas Gordon’s Leadership Effectiveness Training and has been refined and added to by his partner Linda Adams who is currently President of Gordon Training International.

The full program, now taught worldwide, is loaded with skills and content that help individuals reduce stress and conflict in all their relationships.  Individuals gain insight, skill and confidence in their interpersonal communication resulting in more productive, efficient and fulfilling workplaces, families, and relationships. Find a course Timetable and Instructors

Effectiveness Training skills are equally effective for all ages and situations.

Fundamental skills to enhance your personal and professional effectiveness.

  • Understanding of problem ownership
  • Deep and Empathic Listening
  • 5 different I-Messages and Assertiveness
  • Problem Solving methodology
  • No-Lose Conflict Resolution
  • 12 Roadblocks to Communication we all do
  • Consulting Skills and Leadership skills
  • Dealing with Different personalities
  • Values Collisions
  • Getting Your Point Across
  • Enhance and Increase Personal Effectiveness

And More?

  • Find out how to stand up for yourself and enhance your credibility.
  • Manage situations better with people who are aggressive or difficult.
  • Gain more support and cooperation.
  • Attain new levels of self responsibility in getting your needs and goals met.
  • Communicate openly and directly so others will have confidence in you.
  • Learn how to clean up your mistakes in a way that enhances and strengthens your relationships.

Parents who have completed Parent Effectiveness Training find this course enhances and supports the skills of that program. Check out our Parenting site